School is around the corner

The start of the new school year is only 3 weeks away.  I don’t know about everyone else but I am pretty excited.  Not being a freshman anymore and now that I have almost adjusted to college life.  There is still so many things I need to do.  Well I don’t need to but I would like to get it done before I go back to school.  Like going school shopping for not only clothes but some school supplies too. With two jobs I think I may have found a time I can go to get some shopping done.  I don’t live on campus so I can X out packing off my list.  There are a lot of people dealing with that struggle right now.  The most important thing is to start making a list now so you don’t forget anything when you are 6 hours + away.  Then making sure all of your finances  and classes are taking care of, set and ready to start off the semester.  Good Luck!


Juggling Two Jobs

I didn’t have my first job until I turned 18.  It was just last year in my first semester of college.  I didn’t even think I would get that one now I have two jobs.  This summer I started off by working at Walmart and having an internship at a small station in Delaware.  Apparently I did so well that they wanted to offer me a job for the rest of the summer.  The first thing that ran through my mind was will I be able to juggle 2 jobs?  I thought I would have to either quit walmart or decline the offer to work at the Radio station.  But Walmart worked around my schedule maybe since It was an internship.  I found a way to fit both jobs into my schedule and having a little time to myself too which is always good.  So working the internship for 35 hours a week and at Walmart 2-3 times during the week and on the weekend.  The most important thing was that I can still manage my time well and save up some extra money. Now we know this will not work when school starts but until then…

Finding time to study

Finding time to study can be hard.  Especially with our busy schedules.  Thats why they have a reading day this Friday.  It is a day of no classes and studying.  This can also be used as a day to finish any projects.  I know I am going to use reading day wisely. Also located a photo of a graph that is true when it comes to studying. Happy studying!


The 1st Amendment and Freedom of Time Management

IMG_0728The First Amendment allows us to be able to have a free schedule. We can choose our own jobs, activities and have our free time when time allows it. We are not required to take time out our day to go to church, pray or get up at a certain time like some other countries. We are able to do as we please. Some Americans do their best work at night. At night, when it is quiet the day is over and all kinds of thoughts are running through the mind. I am finishing up this post up at night to get more ideas. We also have the freedom to express ideas and plan when certain activities should be done. The way for us to have structure is by time management. We have the freedom to manage our time the way we want. In college we have the freedom to pick and choose when we want to have certain classes unless it is last minute. Then when we graduate and have our jobs the boss creates our schedule and we can do as we please from there. Teachers have freedom to say or when an assignment is due and we have to manage our time to get them done by the deadline. Even though we have the freedom to manage our schedule we have to manage time wisely.